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We help companies build elegant web applications, transform legacy systems and go the extra mile to bring your ideas to life.

About Us

Our journey begins with an innovation step.

  • ModeFair was a social e-commerce startup that aimed to bridge the gap between social media and e-commerce in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • It was a great idea and we received tremendous support but we found the market was not ready for our model. We have since remained in the technology industry.

  • ModeFair is a technology solution provider specializing in Laravel and Vue, at this moment. We also help to maintain our clients’ legacy systems in Java and others technology stacks, however most of us are Laravel & Vue enthusiasts.

  • Through our culture of innovation, ModeFair inspires, builds and delivers business results, from idea to outcome.

Tech Stack

Our preferred tools to build modern web applications.


The original was developed in Laravel and we have gathered some good experiences managing up to 3,500 / concurrent users loads for selected festive months. Laravel is one of the fastest growing open source PHP frameworks at this moment.


Vue is our frontend framework of choice. We believe that Vue is the best framework to coexist with Laravel.

Our Success Stories

Our happy clients.


Tuition Management System

We built a comprehensive backend system to streamline lead, student, tutor, class and billing management.

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